Navbar Administration

The default Navigation Bar (Navbar) contains links to the various areas and tools within BeachBoard, including Course Home, Content, and Grades, among others. You can customize your Navbar to include other tools such as Groups, Rubrics, and Surveys.

Understanding Navbars

Navbars are a set of links across the top of all pages that are used to navigate between tools and the homepages. Each course has its own course Navbar that links to relevant tools for that course. The top left links are always above the Navbar (including My Home, Library, and BeachBoard Help) to enable moving between courses and the My Home homepage. 

By default, new courses use the Course Default Navbar. The Course Default Navbar cannot be edited; to add or remove tools from the Course Default Navbar, a new Navbar needs to be created. 

The default Navbar is designed to incorporate the most commonly used tools in the most intuitive layout possible. However, you can make adjustments to the default Navbar by copying the default Navbar, editing the copy, and setting the copy as the Active Navbar. You can also create an entirely new Navbar from scratch. To access the Navbar tool:

  1. Click on Edit Course.
    Edit Course tab
  2. Click on Navigation & Themes under the Site Setup section.
    navigation and themes link
  3. Click Create Navbar to create a new Navbar from scratch.
    Create Navbar button
  4. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Default Course Navbar and click Copy.
    • You can also select Preview to review your Navbar before setting it as the Active Navbar.
      Copy navbar link
  5. Click on the name of a copy or a new Navbar to begin editing that Navbar.
    Copied navbar link
  6. Use the drop-down menu under the Active Navbar section and choose a Navbar.
  7. Click Apply.
    Choose Active Navbar

In the Navbar editor, you can enter a name for the Navbar. Feel free to enter an optional description for the Navbar for personal reference.  

Adding Tools to the Navbar

  1. Under the Links section, you will see a frame showing the current make-up and structure of the Navbar. You can click on Add Links to add new tools to the Navbar.
    • NOTE: You can also create a Custom Link to an external source by clicking the appropriate tab.
  2. In the Add Links pop-up, check the boxes next to any tools you wish to insert into the Navbar.
  3. Click Add.

Removing a Tool or Link from a Navbar

Hover over any tool under the Links section and click the X to remove that tool or link.

Remove part of a navbar

Hover over any tool or link and click and hold over. You can drag-and-drop the item to any point in the Navbar to reposition it. Watch for a bar to appear between buttons to confirm where the tool or link will be placed.

Reorder navbar elements

  1. Click on any tool or link to bring up the Properties for that item.
  2. From the Custom Style drop-down menu, select Text Only, Icon Only or Icon and Text.
    Hide or Show parts of Navbar
  3. Click Save.

On the main Navbar page, click the Delete icon beside the navbar's name.

Delete a navbar

Warning: You cannot undo this action. When you delete a Navbar that is being used, the course using the Navbar is forced to use the Course Default Navbar. You cannot delete the Course Default Navbar and you can only delete the copy.