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My Media Library - BeachBoard Media

Your BeachBoard homepage will include a button to access your Media Library.

My Media Library in BeachBoard

You can also access your Media Library via the Media tab in any of your courses’ navigation bars.

Course Gallery and My Media Library in BeachBoard

Uploading Media

Your Media Library houses all media that you’ve uploaded using your account. This includes any videos uploaded into any Course Gallery. To upload videos to your Media Library, select the Add New drop-down menu on the right of the page and select Media Upload.

Adding New Media in BeachBoard

You will be prompted to search your computer for media files.

Searching Computer for Files

When you select a file to upload, a progress bar will appear updating you on the status of the upload. While the file uploads, you can also enter basic information about the video including a Name, a Description, and various Tags to help you organize your Media Library.

Uploading interface as described in the text

Once you’re done entering information into the appropriate fields, select Save.

Saving a media file

After saving, you must also choose whether you would like to make the video Private or Published.

Published or Private video uploads

Selecting Private will keep the video visible to only you. Selecting Published will allow you to push the video into the Course Gallery of any number of courses you are currently enrolled in. Notice when you select Published, a list of each course you are enrolled in will be displayed with radio buttons. Check the boxes next to any course(s) you wish to push the video into and select Save.

You can also begin uploading another file by selecting Choose another file at the bottom of the page.

Choosing to Upload another File

This upload process will be similar in future sections covered in this walkthrough, so be sure to refer back to this section when instructed.

IMPORTANT: When selecting Published, every course you are enrolled in will be displayed including those taught in previous semesters. If you think this list may be cumbersome, be sure to write down the names and schedule numbers of the courses you want to transfer your videos to prior to uploading videos into your Media Library

Adding YouTube Videos

Select the Add New drop-down menu on the right of the page and select YouTube.

Selecting Youtube from the dropdown

Add the link of the video into the designated field and select Preview. Refer to the process detailed in the ‘Uploading Media’ section to finalize your upload.

Please note: CSULB had a legal duty to ensure that official content, such as media provided via a BeachBoard course, does not violate copyright law. The University Library's Copyright and Fair Use page contains information regarding what's already available from existing campus resources, what constitutes fair use, the TEACH Act, and where to go for support regarding copyright.

Kaltura Capture

Select the Add New drop-down menu on the right of the page and select Kaltura Capture. Kaltura Capture is a built-in screencasting tool that allows you to record your presentations and lectures. For more details on using Kaltura Capture, please see our dedicated Kaltura Capture section for more details.

Kaltura Capture highlighted

Video Quiz

Select the Add New drop-down menu on the right of the page and select Video Quiz. The Video Quiz feature lets you insert basic assessments into your videos in addition to providing simple editing features. Please see the dedicated Video Quiz section for more details.

Video Quiz highlighted

Publishing a Private Video

When you enter your Media Library, you will see a list of your uploaded videos. Select the thumbnail image of any Private video. Under the video player, select the Actions drop-down menu and select Publish.

Publish highlighted

Select the Published radio button. A list of all courses you are enrolled in will appear. Select whichever courses you want to publish the video to and select Save at the bottom of the page.

Private and Published video selection

Removing/Editing Videos

In your list of videos in your Media Library, you will see two icons to the right of each video entry. The pencil icon will allow you to edit the video while the trash icon will delete the video permanently from the library. Please note that deleting a published video will remove the video from the Course Gallery of any course it was published to.

Editing and Trash buttons