Managing Rubrics

On the main Rubrics page, select the caret next to any rubric to open the menu of management options.

rubric options

You can only edit or delete a rubric from the course in which it was created, and you cannot edit or delete a rubric that is tied to an assessment. If you want to modify a rubric that is being used, either create a copy or disassociate the rubric from the activity.

Changing a Rubric’s Status

On the Rubric List page, click the caret next to any rubric and select Set Status.

set status

There are three rubric status types to indicate its availability:

  • Draft: The initial status of a rubric. Draft rubrics are not yet available for new associations.
  • Published: Associations can be made with published rubrics.
  • Archived: Archived rubrics do not appear in default search results and are not available for new associations. Existing associations with archived rubrics remain functional.