Laying out Surveys

The structure and layout of the survey are shown in the Layout/Questions tab:

  1. From within a survey, click the Properties tab.
  2. Click the Add/Edit Questions button to add or remove questions or sections to this survey.

    add edit questions

If a question is marked as mandatory, respondents cannot submit the survey until they have answered the question.

  1. On the Properties tab, click the Edit Values button.

    edit values button

  2. Select the Mandatory check box beside the questions you want to force respondents to answer.

    mandatory check box

Note: Mandatory questions cannot be used in conjunction with the Prevent Moving Backwards setting.

You can prevent respondents from returning to previous pages as they complete a survey so that they can only move forward until they reach the end of the survey.

  1. On the Properties tab, click the gray lines between questions to divide your survey into pages.
    prevent moving backwards
  2. Select the Prevent moving backward through pages check box.
  3. Click Save Survey.


Note: This setting cannot be used if your survey has any mandatory questions.

  1. From the Manage Surveys page, click More Actions, then click Reorder.

    reorder button

  2. Select a survey name and select the desired order of the surveys to the right.
    survey sort order
  3. Click Save.


  1. From the Manage Surveys page, click the drop-down arrow, then click the Preview icon beside a survey name. You are shown the survey questions as users would see them. It is always a good idea to preview a survey before releasing it to users.

    preview survey

  2. Click the Survey List icon to return to the Manage Surveys page.

Note: When previewing a survey, you are not shown any introduction message that you have set up. If you answer and save the questions you will not return any results.

  1. From the Manage Surveys page, click More Actions, then click Delete.

    delete survey link

  2. Check the box(es) beside the survey(s) you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

    delete surveys