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Labster FAQs

Labster Virtual Lab Simulations

Labster provides virtual lab simulations that can be used for remote teaching or as a supplement to your classroom instruction.  Learn more on our Labster support page for CSULB.

Getting Started with Labster

Where can I get instructions to get started?

Visit our Labster resource page with helpful guidance.

How can I check if my computer meets minimum system requirements?

Visit the Labster vendor site for the latest system requirements.

How can I check if my device can handle Labster simulations?

To confirm device compatibility and run a stress test, access the Try Hard simulation. If your device can successfully load this content, your device will load any Labster simulation.

Viewing and Downloading Simulations

How can I review all available Labster simulations?

A complete list of Labster simulation offerings can be found through Labster’s Faculty Resource webpage and by selecting the “SIMULATIONS” tab.

As an instructor, how can I download a Labster simulation?

Simulation cartridge files can be selected and downloaded from the “UPLOAD TO LMS” tab as found on Labster’s Faculty Resource webpage.  For an overview of this process, access the ATS Getting Started with Labster Instructions help guide.

Can I download more than one simulation at a time?

Multiple simulation cartridge downloads are possible; however, we recommend downloading one simulation at a time. The user experience is different when two or more simulations are imported at a time.

Editing Simulations

As an instructor, can I edit the Labster simulation?

No. As of right now, none of the simulation content nor assessments are editable.

Using Labster in BeachBoard

As an instructor, how do I grade Labster simulations attempts in my Gradebook?

For an overview of the grading process for imported Labster simulations,  review our Grading Labster Simulations in BeachBoard guide.

Are Labster simulations compatible with BeachBoard’s New Content Experience?

No, Labster simulations are not fully supported when the New Content Experience is enabled. We suggest disabling this experience when incorporating Labster simulations into your BeachBoard course.

The Student Experience

As a student, how do I access a Labster simulation from my BeachBoard courses?

For an overview of the student process for accessing a Labster simulation, click the following link to review our Accessing Labster Simulations: Student Instructions help guide.

Can the simulation be accessed using a phone or tablet?

Currently, Labster only supports laptop and desktop computers and recommends using Firefox or Chrome. Mobile devices and tablets are not supported at this time.

What happens when you accidentally leave or lose your connection during the simulation?

Not to worry, your simulation attempt automatically saves. This allows you to pick up where you last left the simulation.

Can I skip a mission in the simulation?

No, you cannot skip a mission in the simulation. However, if a simulation has been completed, you can replay a mission or the entire simulation.

How do I exit a simulation?

You can exit anytime during your simulation in progress by pressing the ESC key, which is usually located in the upper left corner of the keyboard.