Intelligent Agents in BeachBoard

Intelligent agents monitor a course to find an activity that matches criteria that you set. The criteria that the agents search for are:

  1. login activity
  2. release conditions in BeachBoard.

You can use existing release conditions, or create new ones for your agents. The agent then sends a separate email to the user that created the agent when it finds users matching its criteria.

You can run agents manually or set them to run on a schedule; daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Example uses for intelligent agents include:

  1. email for users with grades below a certain level
  2. check for users that have not logged in within a specific number of days
  3. check for users that view a specific content topic

Every time an agent runs, it logs information on its activities and emails it to you.

This email lists the following information:

  1. org unit code and name
  2. which agent ran
  3. time and date the request was submitted
  4. time and date the request was finished
  5. whether the agent took action
  6. any error text