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Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I schedule a training session? 

You can schedule a training session or appointment by contacting our team, or you can drop-in at AS 120 anytime Monday thru Thursday from 8am - 6pm and Fridays 8am - 5pm.

My students say that they cannot see my course, but I can. What do I do? 

Your students cannot see your course until you make your course active. For instructions please see Activate a Course.

Which browser is supported in Beachboard 2018?

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

I sent an email to my course or organization, but some are saying they didn't receive it? Why? 

To email the whole class, use the Email Classlist button or make sure that your students are showing in one page and use the email selected users option. If you have multiple pages of 200 students per page, you will need to follow the steps for email selected users in a course instead of using the email classlist button. BeachBoard has a character limit so that you cannot email more than 200 at a time because email clients will consider that spam.

I do not see a course on my list that I have taught several semesters ago, how can I retrieve it? 

If you do not see a course from several semesters ago, you can request to have it archived. Please see BeachBoard Archived Course Request.

How can I hide certain courses from the My Home page? 

You cannot hide single courses from the My Home page. However, you can hide whole semesters by clicking the arrow button to the right of the semester.

Why are the Restriction Dates not showing on the Schedule, Calendar or Events Widget? 

Date restrictions do not display in the Schedule tool, Calendar or Events widget until the course is active. Once the course is active, the dates will show.

How do I embed a video in a BeachBoard Text Box? 

Please see our help file on How to Embed in BeachBoard.

Assignment Grader Prop Application

How do I download the Assignment Grader Pro App? 

Assignment Grader is available for download from the App Store. If you have iTunes installed, you may download Assignment Grader on your computer. On an iPad device, enter the App Store and search for "Desire2Learn Assignment Grader". Download and install the app as normal.

Is Assignment Grader Pro Free? 

Assignment Grader Pro is available for free in the App Store. The Assignment Grader Pro provides access to all students, in all assignments, in all connected Dropboxes.

Who can use the Assignment Grader? 

Assignment Grader is intended for teachers, instructors, TAs, and other educators.

What does it work with? 

Assignment Grader works with all iPad models running iOS 4.0 and above. The video feedback functionality of Assignment Grader is not available on original (iPad) models.


The events in my Calendar are not showing up or have disappeared. How do I get them to show? 

The Calendar tool only shows events once the course is active. See Activate Course for instructions on how to activate your course.

I copied over my dropboxes from another course with due dates, but the dates are not showing on the course home calendar. Why not? 

Currently when you copy over a course in which the dropboxes have due dates, the due dates do not appear in the course calendar widget. To fix this, remove the dropbox(es) due date(s), and then save. Next, re-enter the due dates for the dropbox(es) and save again.

I copied over my content from another course with due dates, but the dates are appearing on the course home calendar twice. How can I fix this? 

Currently when you copy over content that has due dates, the due dates duplicate in the course calendar widget. To fix this, remove the content due date(s) and then save. Next, re-enter the due dates for the content modules/topics and save again.

Course Content

What is the maximum file size I can upload? 

Maximum file upload size for a single item is 20480KB or 20MB.

When I click to view a file from the content area, all the document formatting is gone, how can I see the document with formatting? 

When viewing a document and the document does not show the correct formatting, click the View as Page button in the bottom right of the document.

My students say that they cannot see a topic or module in my Content area, but I can see it. What do I do? 

Instructors can see all content items, but any content items that are set as Draft are hidden from the students. To edit the status of a module or topic, click the arrow next to the desired topic or module > click Edit Properties in Place > on the far right, click the word Draft and select Published. Anything that is set as published is visible to students.

When viewing a document in Content, I cannot click on the links within the document. What do I do? 

When viewing a document in content, the links are not active because the content is only a preview of the actualy word document or pdf file. To activate the links within the file, you must download the file.

How do I unblock Internet Explorer when viewing a Quicklink? 

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Custom Level > Enable Display Mixed Content > OK


I created a Forum and made it available, but my students say they cannot see it. Why? 

If your students cannot see a Forum even though you have made it available, it is possible that your Forum is missing a Topic. Your students will not see a Forum unless you have added a Topic(s) within the Forum. Topics are where discussions actually take place, where users post and read messages, but each Topic must belong to a Forum. See Create a New Topic for instructions.


Why can my students not see their originality reports? 

By default students cannot see their originality report. To enable them to see it, edit the dropbox folder. In the properties tab, under OriginalityCheck Options click the Show Advanced Originality Checking Options link. Next to Display, check the box to "Allow submitters to see Originality Reports." 

Why am I receiving the error message 'An Originality report cannot be generated because the assignment due date has passed'? 

If you have changed the date of your dropbox with plagarism detection enabled, you will receive this error message because changing the dates only changes the dates in BeachBoard and not Turnitin. If this has occurred contact .

What is the maximum file size that student's can upload to a dropbox? 

The maximum file size is 20480KB or 20MB per submission.

What type of files can or cannot be uploaded to the dropbox? 


Can my students submit their assignment after the due date?

Students can access the Dropbox folder up until the date and time of the End Date. After the End Date time has passed, they can no longer enter the Dropbox folder and will see "Closed [End Date]" in red underneath the title of the folder. To submit an assignment after the End Date, students must be given Special Access (listed under the Restrictions tab) by the instructor. Students can enter the Dropbox folder anytime before the End Date; however, if they do not click Submit before the End Date time, they will not be able to submit their assignment and will see this message: You do not have access to submit files at this moment. The only way for a student to submit an assignment after seeing this message is if they are given Special Access by the instructor.

I set an End date for my dropbox(es), but it is not appearing in the calendar. Why not? 

Only Start Dates and Due dates of a dropbox will appear in the calendar.


Why is my grade sheet not sorted by Last Name, First Name when I export grades to excel? 

Unfortunately, BeachBoard's export grades automatically sorts students by their campus ID number. However, you can manually sort students by last name, first name in Microsoft Excel. 

Why can my students not see their final grade total? 

Student cannot see their final grade total until the instructor has released the final grade column to them. See Release Final Grade for instructions on how to release the final grade to your students.

I want to see the students; campus ID numbers in the Enter Grades area. How can I do this? 

To display students' campus ID numbers in the Enter Grades area, click the Grades Settings link from the Grades area. In the Managing View Display Options section, next to User Details select the Org Defined ID option. Click Save.

How can I drop the lowest score(s)? 

To drop the lowest score(s) from a set of like Items in Grades, for example, Quizzes, the Items must be in the same Category.  Then edit the Category and click Distribute points or weights across all items.  Enter Points or Weights per item and Number of lowest non-bonus items to drop for each user.

Why are my bonus items (extra credit) not being calculated? 

If your bonus items (extra credit) are within a Category, then you must set the Category properties to "Can Exceed" in a Point System or "Allow category grade to exceed category weight" in a Weighted System.

Why am I getting a "Duplicate headers received from server" error when I try to download my grades? 

If you have received the following error: "Duplicate headers received from server
The response from the server contained duplicate headers. This problem is generally the result of a misconfigured website or proxy. Only the website or proxy administrator can fix this issue.
Error 349 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION): Multiple Content-Disposition headers received. This is disallowed to protect against HTTP response splitting attacks"

You are most likely using the Google Chrome browser while downloading your grades from BeachBoard. Please use a different browser. Our optimal browser is Mozilla Firefox.

The Enter Grades area is not displaying anything or the links in Grades are not working. Why is this happening?

Internet Explorer 9 and above isn't fully compatible with the current version of BeachBoard. IE9 and above users may encounter issues entering text in text fields and viewing/entering grades in BeachBoard and other related issues. To resolve this, enable Internet Explorer's Compatibility View for BeachBoard.

  • Click on the Tools menu item from the menu bar in Internet Explorer.
  • Choose Compatibility View Settings from the menu.
  • In the Compatibility View Settings window, type "" in the "Add this website:" field and click "Add."


Can I add myself or my Teaching Assistants to the Groups?

No. Only those with the role of "Student" can be added to a group in the Groups tool.


Will BeachBoard email new announcements/news items once they are posted to my course? 

BeachBoard does not automatically email new announcements/news items to your students. Students will need to sign up for email notifications to receive notifications about news items. You can post the news item to your course home and your students will see the posts when they enter your course.

Can I delete multiple news postings at once? 

Yes, you can delete multiple news items at once by accessing the News page. See Managing News Postings for instructions.

Online Rooms

Why is my Online Room displaying a different time than what I setup? 

The time displayed, after you have created an Online Room, is displayed in Eastern time. However, the room will be available based on the time you chose while creating the Online Room. Please make sure that you have changed the Early Room Entry from 15 minutes to 180 minutes to make sure that the room will be available on time for your students. This glitch will be fixed in July 2012 when BeachBoard is updated.


Why am I seeing decimals in students' quiz scores? 

It is possible while creating the quiz questions that the Weight (%) of the correct answer to a question was set to 1 (or any number less than 100) instead of 100. Setting the weight as 1 would mean that the student would receive .01 points (1%) for the correct response to a 1 point question. In order to give the correct points to students, you can re-grade by question to give out the correct point values. See Grading a Quiz for instructions on how to re-grade by question or come to AS 120 where the Tech Squad will work with you on this issue.

How can I give certain students more time for a quiz? 

To give certain students a different time frame for the taking the quiz (whether they need more time during a quiz or they need to take a quiz at an earlier/later date than the rest of the class), see Special Access in a Quiz.

I noticed an error in one of my questions after I released it, how can I change it?

If no students have taken your quiz yet, simply edit the quiz by clicking on the quiz title in the quiz list, click Add/Edit questions, click on the question you wish to edit, make your changes, and click Save. If some, but not all, users have taken the quiz, follow the steps above so the quiz is correct for those who have yet to take the quiz. You will then need to re-grade the quiz for the users who have already taken it. You can either re-grade each user's attempt one-by-one or regrade by question (which applies to all users who have completed attempts). See Grading a Quiz for instructions on how to re-grade by user or by question.


I created and published a rubric, but when I go to attach it to a Dropbox, Discussion, or Grade item it does not appear. Why not? 

If a rubric is published but is still not appearing when attempting to attach to, it is most likely that the rubric has been restricted from associating with competencies. To fix this, go to Rubrics > click the drop-down arrow next to the desired rubric > click Edit Properties > in the Advanced Availability section, check the box next to Competencies > click Save.


Only people in my course can take my survey, right? 

It depends. If you click the button "Invite Participants" from the properties tab while editing a survey, the link sent in the email to the invited participants allows anyone to take this survey if it is disseminated. To avoid this from happening, do not click "Invite Participants". Go to the Classlist and email your students, notifying them that they must enter your course to take the survey.