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Importing Survey Questions from a CSV File

Survey questions can be created offline using BeachBoard’s Text Format File. Follow the steps below to access a template for creating the text file.

Import Survey Questions From a CSV File

  1. On the Manage Surveys page, click the Question Library icon or open a survey and choose the Survey Layout/Questions tab.

    question library link

  2. Click Import and then select Upload a File.

    import button

  3. If you simply want to download the CSV file to begin creating your questions, click the Download template CSV link and save the file on your computer.
  4. To upload a completed question file, click Browse and select the file you want to upload into the question library or simply drag the file into the designated area.
    Upload a file - drag and drop
  5. Once selected, a pop up will prompt you whether or not the file properly imported. If successful, click on the Review link.
    Upload file confirmation screen
  6. Select which questions from the uploaded file you would like to import into your question library.
  7. Click Import All.
    Upload file checkboxes