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Finding, Reading and Moderating Messages

Once a discussion begins, new messages can come in very quickly. To help you keep on top of things, new messages are identified in a number of places. On your course homepage, the Updates widget lists the total number of unread messages for all discussion topics in your course. On the main Discussions page, the number of unread messages appears beneath each topic. To see only topics with new messages, select Topics with Unread from the Display drop-down list. 

If you have the Discussions List pane visible you can see topics with unread messages in bold.

Searching for Messages in Discussions

  1. Enter the topic you want to search.
  2. Enter the terms you want to find in the Search For field and click Search.
    Discussion search function

To see all messages again, click Clear Search at the top or bottom of the message list.

Marking a Discussion Message as Read or Unread

  1. Click the drop-down button next to the thread or post header.
  2. Click the Mark Read/Mark Unread button to set the post as desired.

Note: To mark all messages in the thread read click Mark All Read on the drop-down menu next to the name of the thread.

Flagging a Message in Discussions

Flagging messages is a good way to mark a message if you want to read it again later or monitor replies.

To flag or un-flag a message, click the Not Flagged Click to Flag this item or Flagged - Click to Unflag this item icon in the drop-down menu next to the post. 

Flagging messages

You can quickly find your flagged messages by selecting Flagged from the Filter by section at the top of your threads list.

Printing Messages in Discussions

  1. On the drop-down menu next to the post or thread that you want to print, click the Print button.
    Printing a thread
  2. Adjust your print settings as necessary (This will vary from browser to browser).
  3. Click the Print button.

Moderating Discussions and Approving Messages

If a topic requires message approval, when messages are posted they are only visible to users with permission to approve messages. To make these messages visible to all users, you must manually approve them. (Messages posted by users with permission to approve messages are automatically approved.)

You can turn message approval on or off from the Properties tab when creating or editing a Forum or Topic.

If a message is not appropriate for the topic and you do not want to approve it, you can do any of the following:

  1. Leave the message unapproved
  2. Edit the message before approving it
  3. Delete the message

Finding Messages that Require Approval

You can find unapproved messages in the following ways:

  1. On the main Discussions page, the number of unapproved messages is displayed beneath the topic’s name. To see only topics that contain unapproved messages, select “Topics with Unapproved” from the Display drop-down list at the top of the page.
  2. In the thread list inside a topic, unapproved messages are indicated by the Thread Requires Approval icon. To see only threads that require approval, select Unapproved from the Filter by area at the top of the threads list.

Approving Messages

Approve a Thread

Click the Approve Thread link in the drop-down next to the thread.

Un-approve a Previously Approved Message

Click the Unapprove Thread (only if the thread has been approved) link in the drop-down next to the thread.

Viewing a Discussion Message’s History

If a topic requires message approval, the message history records when it was approved.

Click the drop-down next to the thread header, and then click View Post History.

Viewing a post's history