Entering Grades

If you're unable to find the 'Grades' link in your BeachBoard 2018 course:

Find the 'More' link in the navigation bar for your course. 'Grades' may be in this list, but alternatively you'll be able to find the option under 'Edit Course'.

Highlighting the More button

Within the Grades tool, select the Enter Grades tab. The Enter Grades area is where you enter, import, and export grades for your users. In this area, you will see your grade book organized by user. You can also switch between the standard and spreadsheet views of the grade book.

Standard view displays all of your users’ respective grades while the spreadsheet view allows you to input grades for each user. You can also customize which grade items or categories display in your grade book. For more information about customizing your grade book view, see Changing Grades Settings.

Grades Tab

The below information documents various aspects of enter grades: