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Enrolling and Deleting Users and Setting Up Self-Enrollment

Enrolling Users in Groups

Users are enrolled in groups based on the enrollment options selected on the New Category page. Use the Enroll Users page to:

  1. Manually enroll users in groups if you selected # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments.
  2. Manually change which group a user is enrolled in.
  3. Add users who enrolled late to a group if Auto Enroll New Users is not selected.
  4. Search for users who have not been assigned to a group.

Modify or Add Enrollment

  1. From the Manage Groups page, select the desired group category from the View Categories drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Enroll Users from the group category context menu
    Enrolling users
  3. Enter information in the Search For field to search for a specific user.
    1. Tip: Use the Not Enrolled advanced search option to find users that still need to be added to a group.
  4. Enroll users or adjust enrollment using the checkboxes in the Enroll Users grid.
  5. Click Save when you are finished

Tip: Manually enrolling users allows you to exceed the enrollment limit for a group.

Warning: If the ‘Can be auto-enrolled’ option is selected for users that can lead courses and assisting users are added to groups at the same time as users; all or most of your staff might end up in the same group. Make sure you even out enrollment using the Enroll Users page.

What happens when you move a user to a new group?

Discussion messages remain in the old group and do not count towards a user’s grade if the forum or topic is associated with a grade item. The user must satisfy the discussion message requirements in the new section. You can override a grade using the Grades tool.

Locker files remain in the old group. Users must add any files they want to keep to the new locker area themselves.

Dropbox files submitted for the old group remain with the old group. The user receives the grade achieved by the new group on any group assignments. You can change the user’s grade back to the original group’s mark in the Grades tool.

Deleting a User from a Group

When a user is deleted from a group, all of their files remain in the system, including: discussion messages, dropbox folders, and locker files.

Delete a user from a group

  1. From the Enroll Users page, clear the checkbox for the group beside the user’s name. (See screenshot above.)
  2. Click Save.

Setting up Self-Enrollment in Groups

Self-enrollment allows users to enroll in groups on their own. Use this option when you want users to have the freedom to choose their own group members or to be a part of a group on a topic that interests them.

Users can self-enroll in groups by clicking the Choose Group link beside the name of a group category set up for self-enrollment. The link displays at the top of the user’s Groups page when self-enrollment is available.

Note:  If a group is full, the total listed in the Members column appears in red with the word ‘Full’ beside it.

Tip: Clicking on the total listed in the Members column opens the Group Members pop-up containing a list of current group members.

Set Up Self-Enrollment

  1. Follow the instructions in the Creating a category section.
  2. Select ‘Groups of # - Self Enrollment’ or ‘# of Groups - Self Enrollment’ from the Enrollment Type drop-down list.

What users see in the Groups Tool

Course participants access the Groups tool through the Classlist or by clicking the Groups link on the course navigation bar.

From the Groups page, users can:

  1. Select the Choose Group link beside an enrollment message to enroll in a new group. (Only applicable if you have set up a group with Self Enrollment.)
  2. Click on the number in the Members column to view the Member List for a group.
  3. Click on a dropbox folder to view its contents.
  4. Click on a discussion forum to view its postings.
  5. Click on a link to a group’s locker files.
  6. Click the Email Group icon to email all of the members of a group.