Emails in BeachBoard

To access:

  • Click Classlist from the course navigation bar to access the Email tools

    Classlist tab

Important Notes

  • BeachBoard does NOT have a “sent mail” folder, so we recommend you also send yourself a copy!
  • If you attempt to send an email message to a large number of recipients from within BeachBoard, the message may not be sent to all of the recipients. There is a limit of 4100 characters for the string of email addresses (strung together with a semicolon separator) in each of the “To:”, “Cc:”, and “Bcc:” fields in the email composer interface. This typically imposes a limit of 100 to 200 recipients per message sent, depending upon the lengths of the email addresses.
    • Workaround: Send the email message to only one page of students at a time by checking “Select all rows” and then selecting the “E-mail selected users” icon.
    • The Email tool allows you to send email from within BeachBoard. Emails sent through BeachBoard will be sent to a user's preferred external email address, as set in MyCSULB. To avoid any issues receiving and sending emails via BeachBoard, set your preferred email in MyCSULB as your CSULB issued email address. All emails sent from BeachBoard will be sent by

Emails Through Faculty Center

Alternatively, you can send email notifications through the Faculty Center which can be accessed via the single-sign-on login page. Emailing your class roster through the Faculty Center will allow your students to reply your message directly.
After entering the Faculty Center:

  • Select “Class Roster” Tab
  • Select your “Class”
  • On your list of enrolled students, select the “notify” checkbox of the student(s) you wish to email.
    • NOTE: Click on one of the two options to “notify selected students” and “notify all students

 On the Send Notification screen:

  • Insert Message in the “Message Text”
  • Click on “Send Notification”

Emailing Support