Creating and Editing Surveys

  1. Enter your BeachBoard course.
  2. Click the Surveys link on the course navigation bar. (See Navigation to add link to navigation bar).
  3. Select the Question Library icon on the Manage Surveys page. The Surveys tool shares the Question Library and its content with both the Quizzes and Self Assessment tools.

    question library link

    While editing a survey, select the Properties tab and click Add/Edit Questions.
  4. Once you are in the Add/Edit Questions area, select a question type from the Create New drop-down list and click Create New to create a question.

    select question type

Most question types available to the Survey tool are similar to the questions available in the Quizzes tool. All Quizzes question types are available in the Survey tool along with Likert question types, which are used exclusively in Surveys.

The Likert Question is unique to the Survey tool. Use Likert questions to choose one of seven scales for users to use for providing feedback.

  1. Give your question an identifiable title.
  2. Enter instructions into the Introductory Text box.
    • Example: Please rate your enjoyment of each section of the course as listed below where 1 is the lowest rating and 5 the highest rating.
  3. If you want to use an image in the question, click Add a File and select an image to include.

    new likert question

  4. Choose one of the following scales:
    • One to Five (1 to 5)
    • One to Eight (1 to 8)
    • Agreement Scale (Disagree-Agree)
    • Satisfaction Scale (Dissatisfied-Satisfied)
    • Frequency Scale (Never-Always)
    • Importance Scale (Unimportant-Important)
    • Opposition Scale (Oppose-Support)
  5. Select Include an N/A option if you want to allow respondents to answer ‘N/A’ (not applicable) for this question.
  6. In the Questions section enter each item that you want to be rated. You must have at least one item to be rated. More question boxes can be added by entering the amount of options you want to be added and clicking Add Option or excess boxes deleted by clicking.
  7. Click Expand question feedback and provide feedback to the question that is displayed to the user, if applicable.
  8. Click Save.

    likert question creation

Sample Question Preview

sample question preview