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Content Tool - Uploading a Syllabus or Document

If you are replacing a syllabus from a previous semester or working in a blank course:

To upload your syllabus, document, or file you must first create a module. If you already have a module, skip to the Creating a New Topic instructions below.

Creating a New Module

  1. Click Content from your course navigation.
    Content Link
  2. In the Table of Contents menu on the left, enter your new module title in the Add a module... field.
  3. Press Enter or click outside the field to add the module.

    Add a Module

Creating a New Topic

  1. Click on the module you want to create a new topic in from the Table of Contents panel on the left.

    Table of Contents
  2. In the module page, click New and select Upload Files.
    Upload Files
  3. Choose whether you would like to add a file directly from your computer or from the course’s offering files within BeachBoard.
    Add a file
  4. If you opted to add a file from your computer, you can either click Upload to select a file on your computer or can drag the file into the designated area in the pop-up. 
  5. You can also designate where to save the file in your course’s file structure by clicking Choose Destination
  6. Once you have chosen your file, click the Add button.
    Add File Prompt
  7. If you opted to add a course offering file, the pop-up window will show you a directory of your course filing system. Any files you have already saved in previous modules or through the course builder will show up here. Select which files you would like to add, then select Add.​
    Uploaded Files Window