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Captioning and Tags - BeachBoard Media


When a video is uploaded, it will go through an automated captioning process. The captions will automatically be implemented into your video upon completion. Please note that the time to process and implement captions varies depending on the length and content of the video.

Editing Captions

In either the Course Gallery or your Media Library, select the thumbnail of any video you wish you edit the captions for. Below the player, select Actions and select Edit.

Select the Captions tab and then select Edit Captions.  For more information on how to use the caption editor, please visit Kaltura's official support page.

Editing Captions

Downloading Transcripts

Once the captions for a video are generated, you can download a copy of the transcript. Enter your Media Library and select the video you would like to download the transcript from. Below the video player, select the tab labeled Attachments.

Attachments Tab

Be sure to download ‘transcript_en.txt’ by selecting the corresponding download icon on the far right.

Caption Download Button


Uploaded media will automatically generate tags depending on what was produced in the automated captioning process. Tags are intended to help organize your content. You can edit the tags by clicking the pencil icon in your Media Library next to any video. The bottom field will display all tags associated with that video. Select “X” next to any tag to remove it. You can also add tags by entering three or more characters into the field.

Example of a tag set

Searching for Videos Using Tags

Both the Course Gallery, My Media Library, and Playlist areas include fields where you can search for content. Searching for a tag will display anything associated with that tag. Tagging media with either a course number, subject, or week number may be a good idea to help organize your videos.

Searching Media for tags