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Calendar Widget

The Calendar Widget is used to display the course Calendar and/or Content, Dropbox, Quizzes, and Grades start and end dates in a list format.

Note: The widget will only display start and end dates for the items where you have chosen the option to "Display in Calendar" when setting the date availability restrictions.

Please see our Calendar help pages for instructions on how to add events to the Calendar tool.

Note: Events will not show any items if your course is Inactive. Please see Activating a Course for more information.

Adding the Calendar Widget to Your Homepage

  1. Enter the desired course.
  2. Click on the Edit Course link from the course navbar.
    Edit Course Button
  3. Click Homepages. The Manage Homepages page will display.
    Homepages Link
  4. Edit the applicable Homepage by clicking on its name in the Homepages section. The Edit Homepage page will display.
    Note: To edit the Course Default homepage, you need to make a copy of it by clicking the context menu icon to the right of the Course Default homepage and select Copy. Click on the copy to edit it. Once you are done editing, use the Active Homepage drop-down list to set the copy as the 'active' homepage. Please see Homepages for more information.
    Homepages Menus
  5. To add a widget to a panel, click the applicable Add Widget button. The Add Widget page displays.
    Add Widgets Buttons
  6. Filter by System Widget, select the Calendar widget.
  7. Click Add to add it to the homepage panel.
    Add Widgets Confirm
  8. Click Save to apply the changes.
    Save Widgets

Accessing the Calendar Using the Events Widget

  1. Enter the course that has the Calendar Widget on the homepage.
  2. From the Calendar Widget's context menu, click Go to Calendar to open the Calendar tool.
    Calendar Context Menu

Customizing the Calendar Widget

The Calendar Widget Customize option allows you to choose the widget border size, the widget title bar name/color/alignment, and gives you the option to prevent your students from minimizing the widget.

To customize the Calendar Widget:

  1. Click on Edit Course on the navbar and click on Widgets.
    Widgets Link
  2. Click on System widgets.
  3. Click on the style icon in the row labeled Calendar.
    Widget Customization
  4. Change desired options.
  5. Click Save.