Building and Managing your Course Structure

Build your course structure by adding modules and placeholders to the canvas. Modules and placeholders are valuable during the initial stages of course planning, helping you plan your course before you create its content.

For example, if you haven't determined what your midterms and tests will be, you can drag quiz placeholders from the toolbox onto the course tree to plan where you might want to add them. You can add notes to module and placeholder descriptions about course content you intend to develop and learning objectives you want your students to achieve. You can also choose to add real content as you build your course by creating and adding objects to the course tree.

Note: The default name and notes supplied for each placeholder type are language terms.

Instructional designers can also leverage Course Builder's structure capabilities by building course outlines that promote instructional design best practices. These structures can be shared using Copy Course Components from one course to another for instructors to populate with appropriate content. When you copy components from another course, Course Builder captures their structure and content on the canvas. Course Builder also retains the hierarchy and associations between modules, placeholders, links, HTML files, discussions, dropboxes, quizzes, grade items and learning objectives.