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BeachBoard Updates

D2L, the parent company of BeachBoard, releases new updates to its learning management system throughout the year. Before launching them to the campus, Academic Technology Services prepares the integrations and develops custom support resources for CSULB users.  Stop by here each semester and discover what's new!

What's New in BeachBoard for Fall 2021?

The following new features and updates are now available in your BeachBoard courses!

New Widgets

Instructors now have two handy new tools to add to course homepages:

  • The Quick Eval Widget will alert you of any submitted student work that requires your evaluation. The widget will only display alerts relevant to that course.
  • The Work To Do Widget will alert your students of any upcoming, unfinished assignments due. This widget will only appear in the "student" role (select "View as Student" to preview how it will look on their homepage.)

For information on creating a custom homepage and adding widgets, visit Course Homepages in BeachBoard.

Discover other System Widgets you can use.

quick eval

work to do

New Dropbox Evaluation Experience

When checking student assignments in Dropbox, you may notice that the Evaluation tool looks slightly different as the interface has undergone some minor updates.

Our Viewing and Evaluating Dropbox Submissions support page has been updated to reflect the new experience.

dropbox evaluation interface

Extra Time Accommodation in Classlist

By using this new feature in the Classlist tool, an instructor can now give a student extra time on all quizzes and exams in the course at once (instead of having to set the timing on each exam, one by one).

This is a major time-saver for instructors who schedule multiple assessments during the semester and have students who need this accommodation. 

Visit the Classlists in BeachBoard support page to learn more (see "Add Quiz Accommodations" on that page).

extra time

Improved HTML Editor

The HTML editor has been updated with several improvements and new features:

html editor menu

  • A refreshed color picker, font size menu, tables with data sorting, and Accessibility Checker
  • A comprehensive emoticon menu
  • An advanced source code editor
  • A word count feature that includes words, characters, and text selection.
  • A new overflow menu with additional, less frequently used menu options.

Quiz Tool Updates

Visit our Quiz Tool support page for instructions on using this tool.

  • Special Access Time Settings
    The special access tool has been updated to allow instructors to adjust enforced time limits in various ways. Note that updating one of the fields will automatically update the remaining two fields accordingly.
  • 0-minute Grace Period
    Exams can now be configured with a ‘0’ minute grace period. Exams will immediately close on students based on the selected behavior as soon as time expires.
  • Workflow for Assessing Quizzes with Written Response Questions
    Quizzes that need to be manually scored with "Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion" (under the Assessment tab in the quiz editor) disabled will now display a "Pending Evaluation" status next to submissions. For more information on this update, visit Desire2Learn’s official documentation.

special access

grace period