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BeachBoard Media

The Media tool allows you to generate, upload, and organize video/audio files into a dedicated space associated with your BeachBoard profile referred to as your My Media Library. From each of your courses, you will be able to pull content from your My Media Library into that course’s dedicated Course Gallery. Students will be able to access the Course Gallery to view all of your uploaded content.

Getting Started with BeachBoard Media

Downloading Existing Content

Before using Kaltura, you’ll want to make sure you have your video file stored on your computer as a .mp4 file. If you have your videos housed on Media Site, Panopto, or YouTube, please refer to respective walkthroughs below.

Media Site

Please e-mail to request backups.


We no longer have access to Panopto. If you have a request for previously stored Panotpo content, please reach out to our BeachBoard Support team.


Go to YouTube and be sure to sign in to whatever account you used to upload your videos initially. The Sign In button can be found on the top left of the page.

Youtube Sign in

Once signed in, click on your profile icon on the top right of the page (where the Sign In button was initially) and select Creator Studio.

Youtube Creator studio link

On the navigation panel on the left, select Video Manager.

Youtube video manager link

This will take you to a list of each video you’ve uploaded to YouTube. Next to the video you wish to download, select the Edit drop-down button and select Download MP4. You will be prompted to download the file onto your computer.

Download Youtube mp4 files