BeachBoard Course Templates

BeachBoard course templates are designed to expedite the course development process. Instructors can easily customize a template to adapt to their own subject or teaching mode, including face-to-face instruction.

These pre-built frameworks, created by ATS instructional design experts, adhere to evidence-based, Quality Assurance standards.

BeachBoard Course Templates Introduction Video:

Instructions for Requesting Templates

Visit the four (4) different template options inside our sample BeachBoard course and try out the features of each to determine which template works best for you. Note: this sample course only serves as a "showcase," so modifying the templates here is not possible. However, you will be able to customize the template when it has been applied to your course.

Refer to this BeachBoard Template Comparison Chart [PDF] to compare features of each template as you navigate through the sample course.

To view the sample course:

1. Log in to BeachBoard and select the "Resources" tab in the navigation bar of the homepage.


screen capture of beachboard home page

2. In the Resources dropdown menu, select "Discover:"


resources drop down menu showing discover link

3. Select the link for the design of your choice from the Discover menu:


online course template thumbnail

4. Select the blue "Open Course" button:


open course button

5. You are now in the online template "course."


screenshot of template home

6. Check all the widgets in the course homepage, and visit the content section of the course to make sure this is the design that you want to use for your course. For another perspective, watch the "Design Options" videos (below) to get an overview of the template features.

7. Request a template for your course - see instructions below.

Review these overviews of the different template options, each designed to meet your BeachBoard skill level and the needs of your course. Also refer to this BeachBoard Template Comparison Chart [PDF] to see what features are available in each of the design options. 

  1. After reviewing the sample templates in BeachBoard, SUBMIT A REQUEST to have the design option of your choice imported into your BeachBoard course. 
  2. Once imported, you can edit and insert your own content to modify the template to fit your needs (see instructions below)

After the template has been imported into your existing course, you can modify/edit it with your own course content and delete any parts of the template design you will not need.

Review this video for instructions:
How to Modify Your Course Template