Colleen Dunagan: PlayPosit

Dr. Colleen Dunagan is a professor of Dance and uses PlayPosit for her homework assignments. By using PlayPosit, she creates quizzes and discussion prompts embedded inside of YouTube and self-recorded video lectures. Her students watch these videos for homework. The interactivity in the videos enhances student engagement. Colleen then views her students' responses before class to give her an idea of what they understood from the videos.


"PlayPosit videos are enhanced versions of lecture and YouTube videos that I’ve customized and I use in the class to help engage the students.  I integrate multiple choice, short answer, polls, and discussion questions into the PlayPosit videos."

Key Questions:

  1. What needs does PlayPosit address?
  2. What can you do with PlayPosit?
  3. How does PlayPosit help you meet your goals?


  1. PlayPosit addresses students' level of engagement. It also gives Colleen insights into what they are thinking. Colleen can see their responses and how much of each video they have watched.
  2. Colleen uses PlayPosit to "pause and point" to specific moments in her videos.
  3. Before using PlayPosit, Colleen thinks her students passively watched videos. She feels that PlayPosit lets them be more active learners.