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ATS Workshops For Faculty

Navigation Basics
Take a tour of the Canvas "global navigation" panel and follow along to set up your account, profile, and other course options.

Accelerate Your Course Build with Canvas Layouts
Layouts (templates) can expedite your development process and are designed according to quality assurance standards for online courses. We'll explore the three Canvas Layouts (Foundational, Quick Start, Advanced Design) created for CSULB and how they differ and provide guidance on which layout best fits your needs. We'll also demonstrate how to import a layout into your course (so easy!). 

Building in Canvas
Discover how to post Announcements to your class, display content and learning resources through Pages, and organize your content in Modules by importing files or linking already existing content.

Gradebook Setup
Learn how to navigate and utilize Canvas's unique grading options through the Assignments tool by creating groups, assigning weights, and adding grade items.

Universal Design for Learning
Universal design means developing content that gives students various ways to acquire information. This helps all students, not just students with disabilities. For example, providing an audio recording of a lecture may help a student riding the bus to campus. They can review lecture content by using their time effectively. 

Canvas Accessibility (self-paced course)
Become familiar with tools and resources to create accessible materials and media in Canvas and on the CSULB campus. The course will be released into your Canvas account within two business days after submitting the request. 

Designing Your Migrated Courses
Explore how to transfer content from one migrated course to another, and how to review the content that was transferred over effectively.

New Quizzes vs Classic Quizzes
Join us as we compare the two different quizzing tools and determine which one fits your course needs.

Course Data for Faculty
"New Analytics" offers instructors a view of students' individual (and as an entire course) online activity, grades, late or excused assignments, quiz statistics and much more to help with measuring student/course progress.

Personalizing Learning with Mastery Paths
Learn how to create a personalized learning experience for each student in your course by enabling a custom learning path based on a student's performance on an Assignment or Quiz.

Standards-Based Learning
Discover how to track student competency by creating assignment assessments in Canvas Outcomes.

Timely and Meaningful Feedback
Based on research from John Hattie, this workshop defined "feedback" and what opportunities Canvas offers to give feedback to students on their performance.

BeachBoard vs. Canvas Comparison
Take a look at the similarities and differences between BeachBoard vs. Canvas features. Your favorite BeachBoard feature may also be in Canvas with the same or different name. We'll look at some of the most commonly used BeachBoard tools and their counterpart in Canvas and help you discover new functionalities!

Student Engagement
Foster a collaborative environment amongst students using "Collaborations" and "Peer Review" in Canvas.

Creating an Engaging Online Learning Environment
Review best practices for student engagement and how they can be formatted to benefit all students' learning preferences and abilities.

Increase Collaboration
Explore Discussions, Collaboration, and Groups and how they can improve collaboration among students.

Resources and Support in Canvas -Workshop
Between ATS and the greater Canvas community, the variety of courses, help forums, workshops, webinars, technical support, and more can be overwhelming!  Let us guide you to all the various self-help resources you need to get started. Get your bookmarks ready!

The Training Services Portal!
Discover the Canvas Training Services Portal link located in your Canvas account Help menu. There, you will find a library of training videos, webinars, tutorials, and course-building modules. This subscription service expires at the end of May 2023, so access it now and save content for future reference.

training services portal

ATS Workshops For Staff

Navigation Basics

Explore and personalize your course's main navigation bar, account, profile, and setting options, to best fit Canvas to your department and individual purposes.

Resources and Support

Between ATS and the greater Canvas community, there's such a wide variety of courses, help forums, workshops, webinars, technical support, and more-- it can be overwhelming!  Let us help guide you to discover all the various self-help resources you need to get started. Get your bookmarks ready!


Best Practices for Organization Courses

Organization courses are used to communicate through people belonging to a certain division, and can be applied to effectively address their audience participation.

Building in Canvas

Create a solid course in Canvas by using the basic tools such as "Announcements" to communicate with your audience, "Modules" to organize your course materials, and "Pages" to upload files and create homepages.