Canvas Course Merge

Cross-listed and multiple-sectioned courses can be merged in Canvas. Merging courses combines student enrollments from multiple sections (“Source” courses) into a single course environment. Merging courses saves instructors time by allowing them to administer multiple sections of a course through a single shell instead of needing to manage separate environments for multiple sections.

  • A course merge will not merge course content. It will only merge the course enrollment. It is recommended that course merge requests be submitted before building content for a course.
  • Once courses are merged you can copy content from another course to the new course.
  • If an instructor is requesting that their course be merged with another instructor’s course, all instructors involved must send in consent to allow completion of the merge request.

Request a Course Merge

Course Merge Request Form

Gather the information listed below and complete the Course Merge Request Form. Please allow up to 48 hours to process a course merge request.

Canvas SIS ID

  1. Log into Canvas and access one of your courses from your Dashboard.
  2. Select "Settings" on the left navigation panel.
  3. Under the "Course Details" tab, copy the SIS ID of the course shell that you would like to include in the course merge (ex. CO_2223_ACCT_470_01_10206).
  4. Provide a title for the new course, for example, “PSY 100 Sections 1-3.” This will be the name of the “Target” course.
  5. Submit.