Using Screen Readers in BeachBoard

In BeachBoard, instructors have the option of selecting the "New Content Experience" to design their courses. The New Content experience displays simple, color-coded layout features to aid sighted learners in navigating course materials. 

Using Screen Readers in the BeachBoard New Content Experience

If your instructor has chosen to use the New Content Experience in the course you are taking, listed below are some tips for using screen readers (e.g., JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, Talkback) on different systems:

Windows Screen Readers

When using JAWS or NVDA, click out of ‘Forms Mode’ after picking a topic to view. Then select ‘Escape’ and turn off ‘Focus Mode’ by pressing any key or the ‘Tab’ button to view.

Mac Screen Readers

Learners using screen readers on Apple Safari and VoiceOver may experience issues when accessing the New Content Experience on BeachBoard. For this reason, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for MacOS screen readers.

While navigating the New Content Experience, turn off ‘Quick Nav’ then press the arrow key in the direction you want to view. There is a known issue with VoiceOver where the program does not stay open and closed on folders. The program may still name the files accurately, so use the program to determine what is a file and what isn't. After choosing a topic to view, click the ‘Tab’ button once, then reactivate ‘Quick Nav.’

Screen Readers on Mobile Devices

For now, we recommend using the Brightspace Pulse app to access the New Content Experience due to compatibility issues with VoiceOver.