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Guest Accounts - BeachBoard Usage Policies

In order to access BeachBoard for university-related purposes without an assigned Campus ID, a Guest account may be requested by following the procedures outlined below.


  • Guest accounts are not for official members of the campus community.
  • Guest accounts can be terminated for non-use and/or abuse.
  • Guest accounts remain active for one year.
  • Limit: 5 Guest accounts per course/organization.
  • Guest accounts are not available for non-matriculated students. CSULB students who have graduated, withdrawn, or who are on a leave are not eligible for accounts.

NOTE: Students involved with Open Enrollment through University College and Enrollment Services (UCES) will receive an official Campus ID number when their paperwork is submitted. An Extranet account is not an interim solution for course access.

Request Policy

Extranet account requests must be made by the person interested in the account and must include a valid email address for confirmation purposes. A CSULB sponsor/instructor and course/organization must be identified, as well.

If a person already holds an Guest account, then an additional account should not be requested. Any person with a CSULB Campus ID (or who will shortly receive one) is not eligible for an Guest account.

Usage Policy

Guest accounts will be subject to management actions that can include either account deletion or account suspension. These actions may occur without warning and for any of the following reasons: user abuse, lack of user response to administrative queries, incorrect user-provided information, lack of user activity on the server, etc.  

Request Fulfillment

If you agree to the guidelines outlined above, please fill out a request for an Extranet account.

More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the THD Helpdesk.