System-Created Organizations - BeachBoard Usage Policies

All students enrolled in a college and/or academic plan are added to an organization identified by the college/plan. Enrollment into these groups is done automatically and on a weekly basis. These system-created groups are used by Colleges/Departments to share information and to send mass email regarding academic, college and/or departmental-related notices. However, use of email capability is now restricted to an identified leader of the College/Department due to email misuse by students.

BeachBoard Organization Definition

In addition to directly supporting classroom instruction, CSULB’s BeachBoard learning management system enables its participants to build online connections between campus groups via "Organizations."

Designating Organization Leader(s)

System-created organizations are set to unavailable until the group has a designated leader or leaders. College organizations require the Dean to designate those in the college authorized to send email via the college level organization. Department organizations require the Department Chair to designate authorized personnel to send email via Department organizations. Colleges and Departments may not designate students as authorized to send mail via these organizations.

Activating System-Created Organizations

  • Use the Request to Manage a System-Created BeachBoard Organization  form to create and revise the system-created organization. The form requires the submitter to:
    • Identify a leader or leaders. Leaders must be approved by the college Dean or Department Chair. Students may not be designated as organization Leaders.
    • Technology Service Desk will make available the organization and contact the form submitter once college and department approvals are received

BeachBoard Organizations' General Guidelines

  • Membership in a system-created BeachBoard organization is restricted to CSULB students, faculty, and staff.
  • Only email related to academic college and department topics may be sent via email.
  • System-Created BeachBoard organizations will be unavailable until a leader is identified.
  • Students are blocked from sending email through system-created organizations.
  • All BeachBoard organizations are subject to the university policies and any violation may result in the removal of the BeachBoard organization and possible account suspension of those involved. Student Regulations and policies are posted at Judicial Affairs

BeachBoard Organization Leader Responsibilities

  • Organization leaders are responsible for maintaining and monitoring their organizations.
  • "Send Email" should not be restored to the students in any organization in which it has been disabled. Failure to comply with this may result in the removal of organization manager rights. This does not affect the ability of the authorized leader(s) to use Send Email. "Send Email" can be accessed through the Control Panel.

Email Realities and Alternatives

  • Anti-spam filters or incorrect email addresses could keep email from reaching users. As an alternative, consider using the Discussion Board or Announcements tool to contact organization members.
  • Email messages sent to large sets of organization participants could take up to a week for delivery.

Disciplinary Action

A violation of university policies by a student and employee, including faculty, in a BeachBoard organization shall result in disciplinary action according to the CSULB Campus Computing Policy.

Examples of these policies are the following:

  • User access to computing resources is contingent upon prudent and responsible use.
  • You may not use computing resources for any illegal or proscribed act.
  • You may not use computing resources for any commercial purpose without prior written authorization from the appropriate Vice President.
  • You may not use any computing resource in a way that is harassing [spamming] or threatening to another individual.