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Course Merge - BeachBoard Support

Cross-listed and multiple-sectioned BeachBoard course enrollments can be combined to save instructors' time by giving them the ability to communicate and post content in just one course.

The Course Merge process combines the student enrollments from one or more sections (“Source” courses) into a “new" course. Once merged, students and instructors will access the "new" course only.

  • Enrollment, not content is merged in the course merge process.
  • After courses are merged, content can be copied to the new course.
  • If requesting a course merge of multiple courses, all instructors of those courses must consent.
  • It may take up to 48 hours to process a course merge.

Request a Course Merge

Complete the Course Merge Request Form

Request Form Instructions

Fields marked with red asterisks (*) are required. Any missing required fields may cause a delay in your request.

  1. Log in to BeachBoard and access one of your courses from My Home > My Courses.
  2. Click Edit Course.
  3. Click Course Offering Information.
  4. Copy the Course Offering Code. Use the format as highlighted in the example below. If you are unable to locate the Course Offering Code, contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.
  5. Provide a title for the new course, for example, “PSY 100 Sections 1-3.” This will be the name of the “Target” course.
  6. Submit.

Course Offering Information Screenshot