Request Forms

The following requests must be submitted to ATS for processing. For questions, please contact

Course Merge

Course merges combine student enrollments from multiple sections into a single course environment. Merging courses saves instructors time by allowing them to administer multiple sections of a course through a single shell instead of needing to manage separate environments for multiple sections. A course merge will not merge course content; it will only merge the enrollment. It is recommended that course merge requests be submitted before building content for a course. 

Guest Account

Guest accounts may be requested for individuals without an assigned Campus ID to access the LMS for university-related purposes. Individuals who currently hold or will shortly receive a CSULB Campus ID are not eligible for a guest account. Requests must be made by a CSULB sponsor/instructor.

Manual Organization

Organization courses can be used to create a centralized place for department staff and faculty to connect as a community, much like an "intranet" site. These are referred to as "Manual Organizations" (also known as Academically-Related Organizations) and are not limited by semester- and can remain open indefinitely.