Quick Eval

The Quick Eval tool in BeachBoard is a central dashboard that allows you to view and evaluate all student submissions for Dropbox, Quizzes and Discussions across all your courses. Access the Quick Eval tool through the Resources tab on your BeachBoard homepage. For an in-depth description of the tool, visit the Desire2Learn’s official support page.

resources tab in BeachBoard

Quick Eval Notations

The Quick Eval tool uses the same notations as within the Dropbox tool:

  • New Submission: The number of submissions that do not have any published or saved feedback.
  • Completed: The number of users who have a successful submission for the assessment. The denominator on this number includes all users in the course, including the instructor, student and/or teaching assistants. Please take these into account when reviewing the number of completed submissions.
  • Evaluated: The number of users for whom you have either have published or draft feedback.
  • Published: The number of users for whom you have published feedback.

For example, the image below shows that 2 out of 8 users in the course have completed submissions. One of them has feedback saved as a draft, but neither of the users have published feedback. Since one of the submissions does not have feedback either published of saved as a draft, it’s being flagged as a new submission. Clicking the "New Submission’ link will take you to the evaluation page for that specific student.

feedback icons

Video Tutorials

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