My Courses Widget

The My Courses widget on the BeachBoard Home page helps organize your courses and provides important notifications. Here, you’ll find a menu of categories to select from:

my courses menu

  • All displays all of your courses (to a maximum of 12). "Pinned" courses will display at the top of the list.
  • Pinned displays only the courses you have pinned.
  • Ongoing Courses and Organizaitons will show all the campus organizations you are enrolled in that use BeachBoard.
  • The remaining categories are displayed chronologically by semester, with the most recent showing first.


Under your course name, there are three types of notification icons displayed with a numerical value to alert you of:

  • Dropbox: the number of submissions that have yet to be evaluated.
  • Quizzes: the number of submission scores/feedback that have not been published to the students.
  • Discussions:  the number of unread posts across all topics in the course.

my courses notifications

Hover your cursor over any icon to reveal a tip indicating what it represents.