Instructor Re-Assignment - BeachBoard Usage Policies

An instructor who has been re-assigned to a new course should log in to BeachBoard and verify that the course(s) listed under "My Courses > Courses You are Teaching"  are indeed the courses assigned to teach. The newly-assigned instructor then has the option to execute two separate actions:

  • If a course(s) that is listed under "Courses You are Teaching" is not a part of the current semester teaching assignment, please contact Technology Service Desk to request that the course be removed from MyBeachBoard.  Note:  Past BeachBoard courses will be displayed for five semesters and will be unavailable to students.  These past courses remain displayed so that instructors can access previously-used course materials and recycle these materials in their new courses.
  • Instructors may also review their BeachBoard course roster in their current course and remove anyone listed as an "Instructor" who is not serving in that capacity within the course.

Guest Access

Guests are able to view areas of the course, but cannot participate unless the instructor makes a tool or content area available. In addition, users with the role of Guest have no access to the Control Panel.  Areas within the course have to be made available to Guests via the Control Panel.  Course areas and materials that instructors have added to their courses are automatically available to students but need to be made available to Guests.  

Visit Guest Accounts for more information.