Course Retention - BeachBoard Usage Policies


  • BeachBoard courses will be retained on the active server for five semesters following the end of a course to ensure that information is available to support grade appeals and for the recycling of course materials.
  • After the five semesters, BeachBoard courses will then be archived and kept for two additional semesters in an off-line archived format.
  • Off-line archive format courses are automatically purged at the end of the two semester period.
  • A notice will be posted in BeachBoard to all instructors six months prior to the scheduled purge date of the off line archived format course content. 
  • The notice will provide procedures for instructor to request an archive copy from Technology Service Desk.


  • Instructor should save a copy of their BeachBoard gradebook for their records at the end of each term.
    • If the instructor creates a course archive and opens its Zip file on their computer outside the BeachBoard online environment, h/she will only be able to view course materials that they had uploaded to the course, but enrollment, gradebook, discussion, and email will not be available.
    • A course archive that is restored into a blank BeachBoard course shell should contain student data such as enrollment, gradebook, discussions, email, and course materials unless an anomaly with the software occurs.   Because of Blackboard software anomalies, the ability to restore an archived course is not guaranteed.
  • Instructor must follow grading policy outlined in the Faculty Handbook

Additional Information

  • Courses are automatically made "Unavailable" to students two weeks after the end of a term.