Course Availability and Student Enrollment - BeachBoard Usage Policies

BeachBoard courses are automatically created for all classes taught at CSULB approximately four weeks before the beginning of a new semester.  These courses are generated and made available for instructor course design and development.

Request a Development Course

An instructor can request a "development course" to begin designing and uploading materials at any time before a semester begins. Contact to request a development course(s).

Using the "Course Copy" feature, instructors can copy course material from one course to another.  For example, material from a development course can be copied to a course automatically generated.  In addition, course materials that were used during a past semester can be copied to the new course for the new semester.  Content can only be copied to one course at a time.

Student Enrollment

Students will be uploaded into their BeachBoard courses approximately one week before the semester begins.  We continue to update the courses with daily updates from MyCSULB throughout the semester, thus managing adds and drops.

End of Semester Course Availability

Approximately two weeks after the conclusion of a semester, the courses will be automatically made unavailable to students.  If students are looking for the their final grades, they should log in to MYCSULB to view their official grade records.