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The BeachApps virtual classroom software service is being shut down on June 1st, 2018. 

If you use BeachApps SPSS, you have two options:

Option One:  Download and install SPSS on your work/personally owned PC or Mac

SPSS for Windows and Mac is now available to all CSULB faculty, staff, and students to install and use on their work or personally owned computers.  You can download the software and license authorization key from CSULB’s Software Depot.

Option Two:  Use the Student Virtual Lab

SPSS for Windows is available through the Student Virtual Lab (SVL).  For more information about the SVL, visit the SVL information web page.

BeachApps is a virtual classroom software service. Use your own laptop and a web browser (do not use Google Chrome) to access SPSS and the files you create from anywhere you have a internet connection.