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Kaltura Extends BeachBoard’s Media Capabilities

ATS Newsletter December 2017

State of the Art Video Platform Launches with BeachBoard 2018

Kaltura CorporationKaltura integrates with BeachBoard to extend video capabilities and features

Over the winter break, instructors and students will experience a BeachBoard upgrade which comes with an additional bonus – an integrated video tool from Kaltura, an industry leader and the first to develop an open-source, online video platform.

With Kaltura, instructors can easily create, edit, and upload high-quality video for use on assignments and tests or in discussion forums to improve student engagement and learning. Kaltura also includes a powerful, auto-captioning capability, an important feature for meeting accessibility compliance standards.

"We want to provide a great experience to both faculty and students." says Jonathan Huer, Director of Instructional Technology at ATS. "Once it’s up and running fully, Kaltura will deliver learning content to the wide variety of devices using BeachBoard 2018. Students get a user-friendly experience that lets them focus on learning. Faculty get analytics about their content, their IP is protected, and best of all, everything is automatically machine-captioned."

ATS researched a variety of options, but found that the Kaltura's integration with BeachBoard was a huge advantage and provided significant cost savings.

Kaltura provides:

  • Video creation from your computer
  • Auto-captioning for improved accessibility and compliance
  • Built-in tools to clip and manage video content
  • Videos uploads from your desktop or social media such as YouTube
  • Search capabilities within video metadata and captions
  • Interactive video quizzing
  • Analytics tools to measure student engagement with videos

Look for the Kaltura beta inside of BeachBoard 2018 and training opportunities in the January ATS Newsletter.


Ready for BeachBoard 2018?

Over the winter break, BeachBoard is getting an upgrade to a new, mobile-friendly interface. The target date for this update was initially set for December 27, 2017, but has now been confirmed for January 1, 2018 from 5-8pm. This gives you a little more time to see your sample course on the test site and get assistance from our team if needed.

As a quick reference tool, download our BeachBoard 2018 Go Live Checklist (PDF).

BeachBoard 2018 Workshops and Webinars

To help you prepare for the BeachBoard upgrade, a series of in-person workshops and live, online webinars are now available. During these presentations, our expert Instructional Designers will take you on a brief tour of the new interface and answer any questions you may have. Invite your colleagues and join us for this group learning experience. Advance registration is required; please reserve your seat today.

An individual appointment with an Instructional Designer is also available at any time. Please complete our contact form and we'll be in touch soon to get detailed information and coordinate calendars.


Have a Suggestion? Let Us Know


Computers Coming to HHS1 Classroom AV Racks

Outfitting your instructional environment

If you're teaching in the HHS1 building next semester, you can look forward to newly installed computers with wireless keyboards and trackpads in the existing AV equipment racks. We’ll post the following reminders near the equipment, but here are some tips to prepare for using it:

  • When you turn the computer turned on, it will automatically log in
  • A wireless keyboard with trackpad will be stored in the drawer / compartment below the computer.
  • The projector will automatically display the device that is plugged in
  • Logging off or restarting the computer will erase anything saved on the computer desktop; save files to your USB device, OneDrive, or Cloud storage space for access later

ATS is working to bring enhanced technology equipment and resources to all classrooms. Regular updates will be posted in this newsletter as well as on our Classroom Support Services website.


Tech Tip of the Month: Respondus Among Us

Exam time! Consider this BeachBoard-compatible tool to create and manage your exams.

Many faculty at CSULB are currently using Respondus, a software tool for creating and managing exams that can be uploaded directly into BeachBoard. With Respondus, you can easily import exams created in MS Word, Notepad, or any word-processing programs. Exam templates are also available from the Test Bank Network (an archive of exams from leading higher education textbooks). Respondus is currently only available for PC users and can be downloaded from the CSULB Software Depot.

How to Upload an exam into Respondus?

To upload an exam, you must first organize the questions into a format that Respondus can understand. Each type of quiz question (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) requires a specific format. For your reference, ATS has prepared this quick guide on formatting quiz questions (PDF) for successful upload to Respondus.

If you have any questions about using Respondus, contact the Technology Help Desk at 562-985-4959 or and ask to speak with an Instructional Designer.



Meet the Staff: Preston Wingrove

Preston Wingrove

Got ideas for instructional videos? Need to record high-quality audio for presentation slides? Want professional images for a departmental website? As a key member of our creative team and a graduate of CSULB's Film & Electronics Arts program, Preston Wingrove can help you realize your multi-media goals.

A California native, Preston grew up in the San Diego area, but was drawn to CSULB after taking a tour of colleges after high school. "The campus is beautiful and I felt really comfortable here," Preston said. "When I found out they had a Film department, I knew this was the place for me." Preston completed his Bachelor's degree here in 2011 (with a minor in Italian!) and soon after joined the ATS staff as a Multimedia Specialist.

For Preston, working at ATS has been a great opportunity to apply his creative skills to meet the needs of the campus community. For example, he recently worked with the Sports Management department to create a series of vignettes to showcase their recent graduates at their jobs. He was also instrumental in producing, shooting, and editing our video, BeachBoard 2018. ATS is proud to have Preston on our Media Services team!

To consult with our media team or to find out how we can support your ideas and projects, visit our Media Services website.


ATS Leadership

Shawna Dark, Ph.D. 
Associate Vice President, Academic Technology

Jonathan Blake Huer, MFA 
Director, Academic Technologies and Innovation

Dennis LuPresto, MBA 
Interim Director, Classroom Support and Design