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ATS Newsletter April 2019

Published April 22, 2019

instructor behind learning glassTeaching Through the Learning Glass

Stationed in the Academic Technology Services media studio stands an innovative tool for recording video lectures called the Learning Glass. 

Behind this panel of specialized glass illuminated by LED lights, an instructor faces the camera and appears to magically write notes in the air on a transparent surface. The notes glow in the darkness of the studio as the instructor solves equations and highlights concepts with neon-colored markers. After recording the lecture, the instructor uploads the video to BeachBoard to share with students.

Although best suited for subjects like math and engineering where equations are typically worked out in front of the class, the Learning Glass has potential for many creative applications. Instructors from a variety of disciplines have utilized this didactic tool.

Instructional Designers at ATS are available for consultation and to help determine the best implementation of this tool. Our media specialists will assist you in setting up, recording, and saving the files— so you can focus on teaching. Find more tips for using the Learning Glass in your courses.

Email or call 5-TECH (8324) to request more information or to make an appointment with an Instructional Designer.


Boost Your Students' Computing Power

Using computers on campus once meant planning study time around lab operating hours and the hope of finding an unoccupied workstation. Although most students today bring their own laptops to campus, the software required for certain courses may be too big to use efficiently or too expensive for the student budget. Installing and troubleshooting some programs on personally-owned computers can be daunting if technical support is not available.

The CSULB Student Virtual Lab (SVL) solves these problems. Students can conveniently log in to university-supported software applications through an internet connection and virtually boost the capabilities and performance of their computers. In this lab, operating hours are 24/7 with plenty of seats from any remote location and technical support at your fingertips.

The Student Virtual Lab benefits instructors by ensuring that all students in their courses have equal access to a reliable source of software tools -- from the first day of class until the end of the semester-- at no cost.  The virtual environment also gives students a more consistent experience with the instructional content, regardless of their computers’ operating systems.

The SVL was deployed in Spring 2018 through a partnership with Academic Technology Services and DoIT.  Since then, over 2400 students in 38 courses have logged in.


beachboard tips

The Grades Tool

With the end of the semester soon approaching, it’s a good time to make sure your BeachBoard grade book is ready for final calculations. Learn more about the Grades tool with this series of quick tutorials created by D2L Brightspace, the developers behind BeachBoard:  The Grades Tool
Our curated recommendations from the Grades tool series include:

For one-on-one personal assistance with your grade book or other BeachBoard features, schedule an appointment with an ATS Instructional Designer by emailing or calling 5-TECH (8324).