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Policy Statement - 86-04 Professional Resume, Policy & Guidelines for the


The following policy was  recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of February 13, 1986, 
and received the concurrence of the President on February 27, 1986.


        Each full-time academic and academic-related employee is expected to have on file a copy of a Professional Resume, which has been brought up to date within the past three years.  Copies of the Professional Resume will be maintained on file in the offices of  the department and the school (or equivalent units), as well as the official personnel file located in the Office of the Vice President for Faculty and Staff Relations.

        There are many instances in which the availability of the up-to-date information contained in the Professional Resume would be professionally advantageous to an employee.  There are other instances in which a Resume is necessary to meet eligibility requirements.  For example, information on the Professional Resume would be necessary when academic and academic-related employees are asked to prepare a special vita tailored for a particular purpose, such as for applications for sabbatical leaves, applications of research grants and for assigned time, periodic reviews, information for accreditation teams, reviews for special awards and honors, for news releases, and to answer inquiries from external agencies regarding special interests of employees for research and consultancy services.

        While there is no standard format for the Professional Resume, there are certain data that should be included in any statement of professional qualifications ad experience.  Some types of information about each employee are historical in nature and do not change, such as academic preparation, past teaching, and administrative experiences.  Other kinds of information are both historical in nature and are ever-changing such as publications, grants, honors, service to the University community, and the like.