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Policy Statement - 73-09 Career Guidance Specialist, Certificate Program for

NUMBER: 73-9
REFERENCE: Certificates

SUBJECT: Certificate Program for Career Guidance Specialist

The certificate program for Career Guidance Specialists is a postbaccalaureate program planned for:

1. Counselors in secondary and technical schools, colleges and agencies.

2. Educators in roles concerned with career education and work experience, placement and coordination.

To enroll in the program, the applicant must complete application forms available in the Pupil Personnel Program Office, LA5-108, and consult with a designated advisor from the Career Guidance Specialist Committee. The Committee will screen all applications. Criteria for admission include:

1. Possession of an undergraduate degree.

2. Evidence of background in concepts of human development and basic behavioral sciences.

3. Evidence of experience and/or interest in the area of career guidance.

Courses in the program may also lead to the Career Guidance Option of the Master of Science Degree in Counseling if planned as part of that degree.

Completion of this Career Guidance Specialist Certificate program will be recognized by issuance of a certificate by the School of Education of California State University, Long Beach.

The Requirements for this Graduate Certificate include the following:
Ed. P. 530 Career Development and Decision Theory (3)
Ed. P. 531 Counseling Information Resources and Technology (3)
Ed. P. 537 Guidance Practices in the Secondary School (3) (Career Counseling and Assessment)
Ed. P. 545 Practicum in Career Guidance (3)
Approved Electives in Vocational Education, Psychology, Sociology, or Manpower Management (6 units).

Effective upon publication of the 1974-75 General Bulletin
March 4, 1974