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AIDI Cohort 2018-2020

DEPT/Course Course Name Instructor Conversion Type ATS Instructional Designer
ANTH 155 Bodies and Technologies Kara Miller Hybrid Jennifer Lares
ANTH 435 Human Evolution Marcus Young Owl Online Adam Mitchell
AAAS/KOR 101 Fundamentals of Korean Kyoungmi Ha Hybrid Afifa Alawi
CDFS 111 Preschool Child Youngok Jung Online Jennifer Lares
COMM 200 Gateway to Communications Studies Terre Allen Online Adam Mitchell
COMM 301 Communication Critcism Ann Johnson Hybrid Afifa Alawi
COMM 306 Communication Theory Mary McPherson Online Jennifer Lares
COMM 412 Gender and Communication Ragan Fox Online Jennifer Lares
CECS Digital Design Jelena Trajkovic Hybrid Maria Aceituno
GEOG 309 Middle East & North Africa Eddie Bairam Online Jennifer Lares
HEBW 101 Hebrew Rachell Morris Online Afifa Alawi
HIST 106 American Indian History Post 1871 Daniele Bollelli Online Adam Mitchell
HIST 111 World History: Origins to 1500 Andrew Fogleman Online Afifa Alawi
HIST 172 Early United States History Nancy Quam-Wickham Online Jennifer Lares
HIST 172 Early United States History Holly Hernandez Online Maria Aceituno
HIST 172 Early United States History Jeffrey Lawler Online Afifa Alawi
HIST 172 Early United States History Jane Dabel Online Adam Mitchell
HIST 173 Recent United States History Angela Hawk Online Jennifer Lares
HIST 400i History of Western Scientific Thought Andrew Jenks Online Adam Mitchell
HIST 458B Women in the U.S. Since 1850 Michelle Stonis Online Adam Mitchell
JOUR 110 Mass Media Ethics Gary Metzker Online Maria Aceituno
JOUR 270 Principles of Public Relations Jolyn Brookes Online Afifa Alawi
JOUR 315 Literary Journalism Soumitro Sen Hybrid Afifa Alawi
JOUR 411 Data Detectives Christopher Knap Hybrid Afifa Alawi
KIN 156 Sports Appreciation Chris Tsagaris Online Afifa Alawi
PHIL 160 Introduction to Ethics Charles Wallis Online Afifa Alawi
PHIL 261 Philosophy and Film Cory Wright Hybrid Jennifer Lares
PHIL 270 Symbolic Logic Wayne Wright Online Adam Mitchell
PSY 310 Intermediate Statistics Bradley Pan-Wiesz Online Adam Mitchell
RST 100 Introduction to Religion Kathryn Chew   Maria Aceituno
RST 303 Queer Spirit Gabriel Estrada Online Jennifer Lares
RST 331 Islamic Religion and Culture Sophia Pandaya Online Afifa Alawi
SOC 410 Environmental Sociology Jake Wilson Online Adam Mitchell
SOC 447  Sociology of Popular Culture Oliver Wang Online Maria Aceituno
WGSS 102 Gender, Sex, Race and Societies Shira Tarrant Online Adam Mitchell
WGSS 401 Bodies and Borders Abraham Weil Online Afifa Alawi