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Student Resources for COVID-19

Student Resources


  • Student Relief Fund:
  • The Student Relief Fund supports students affected by COVID-19-related campus closures. Students who submit a note may gain access to financial assistance, resources, and other solutions.
  • Scholly - COVID-19 Student Relief Fund
  • Scholly is offering $200 in cash assistance to support students in need during the COVID-19 health crisis. Click the link to apply.


  • Visit for food bank locations or food resources (along with other free or reduced cost services such as medical care, housing, financial, etc.)
  • WhyHunger Hotline (800-548-6479)
  • Refers people across U.S to food pantries, soup kitchens, and government nutrition programs
  • - List of Grocery Stores That Accept EBT Online for Delivery
  • This article details the online EBT programs of major grocery stores along with how to place an online order for delivery


  • U-Haul – 30 days of free storage
  • U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to college students facing unforeseen moves or schedule changes
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline (800-799-723)
  • For survivors of domestic abuse, staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 may further compromise survivors’ safety. The link above provides specific tips for survivors in regards to creating safety plans and reaching out for help




  • Swipe Out Hunger & Rise – Student Basic Needs Petition
  • Add your name to the petition to support a bill to provide $1.2 million in emergency aid to college students affected by COVID-19-related campus closures
  • LA Consumer & Business Affairs: Awareness of Price Gouging
  • When the government declares an emergency, increasing the price of goods & services by 10%+ may be price gouging. The link above provides general guidelines for identifying and reporting instances of price gouging
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness – Letter: Tell Congress to Include Emergency Funds for Homelessness in COVID-19 Response
  • Allows individuals to request that their Members of Congress provide funds to homelessness and housing programs during the pandemic
  • Rent Strike 2020 (California) – Governor Gavin Newsom: Suspend Rent, Mortgage, Utility Payments
  • Links to a Google Doc petition by Rent Strike 2020 to temporarily suspend rent, mortgage, and utility payments during COVID-19 crisis to protect workers who must skip work for the sake of the health of their community
  • US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions - Info on COVID-19 Bill (Senator Murray)
  • NASFAA Fact Sheet - Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Act
  • This bill would provide more than $3 billion to address education-related issues during COVID-19 pandemic