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Faculty - What To Expect On Campus

What you can expect while on campus: 


  • Not all buildings are open, for information about which buildings and facilities are open see interactive map.  

  • Open buildings have gone through a rigorous re-opening sequence: ​

    • Space planners and campus repopulation committees have identified and planned workspace and common area reconfigurations to address social distancing requirements. They have also provided new COVID-related maximum occupancy per building and floor. 

    • With guidance from space planners and management, Movers and Sign Shop have re-arranged/removed furniture and posted advisory/directional signage in common building areas.

    • The building HVAC systems have been flushed with 100% outside air.

    • Air filters have been inspected and/or changed out. Duct areas near the filter were wiped down and cleaned.

    • Moving forward, custodial staff will clean and disinfects building interior areas of open buildings 3 times per day.

  • Social distancing is required. You should maintain six (6) feet of physical (social) distancing at all times on campus, whether indoors or outdoors. If you think that you might need to breach the 6 foot distancing rule at any time during the semester (safety issues during a lab), contact your Dean for additional PPE.  

  • Contact your College Facilities Coordinator or Safety Officer with any supply needs or with any cleaning concerns. There are kits available that include spare face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer, and safety glasses along with cleaning supplies. In case of an time-sensitive need (for example, a lab is in session or about to start and sanitation supplies are critically needed) you should contact BBS directly BeachBuildingServices@csulb.edu562-985-4357. 

  • Face-coverings are required of anyone on campus. 

    • If you need a face-covering please contact your Dean’s Office to determine where you can obtain one; each college has a different procedure. 

    • If a student needs a face-covering refer them to a local vending machine for a face mask (see interactive map). 

    • If a student indicates that they have a health condition that precludes them from wearing a face-covering, and you have not received verification of this from BMAC, please refer them to BMAC. 

    • If a student refuses to wear a face-covering, you should deny them entry to class.  

    • If the student refuses to leave the class and the situation becomes sufficiently disruptive then you can move your class outside, or cancel the class.  

    • The disruptive student should be reported to SCED; 562-985-5270. 

  • If you want to verify that a student has completed the daily health questionnaire you may ask the student to show you their phone verification. A green check mark indicates the student has taken and passed the health check. A red X indicates that the student should not be on campus. If a student refuses to show you their health check verification or it is a red X: 

    • You should deny them entry to class, and you should ask them to contact their physician or go to student health.  

    • You should report them to student health:; 562-985-4771. 

    • If the student refuses to leave the class and the situation becomes sufficiently disruptive you may move your class outside, or cancel the class.  

    • The disruptive student should be reported to SCED; 562-985-5270. 

  • There will be students patrolling the campus to encourage compliance with the face-covering and social distancing requirements. 

  • The good news – no lack of available parking!