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Faculty - Before You Come To Campus

While on campus, know that your safety as well as the safety of our students is one of our top priorities. The following guidelines are from the California Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services. Included below is key information you need to know and do prior to coming to campus (or being on any university owned property): 

Campus Access

  • You have permission to be on-campus for the duration of your class meeting and for a brief period before and after it.  

    • If you have a work-related activity immediately before or after your class or if you have a gap between on-campus classes and want to work on campus, please work in an outdoor space; the outdoor Wi-Fi has been enhanced. Alternatively check with your dean’s office to find out if there are approved college spaces in which you may work.

    • If your class is such that you cannot, or might not, be able to socially distance please also contact your Dean’s office to ensure additional safety measures are in place. 

Safety Training

  • Prior to coming to campus, you must complete the safety training.  The university-wide training is available at: You should also check with your Chair and Dean to determine whether there are any department/college specific safety compliance requirements.   

  • You are required to complete the daily health screening prior to being on campus (see Medical Plan). The screening is completed through the university’s Single Sign On system. You will receive verification of the completed health assessment at your CSULB email address noting an approval or a denial. A copy will be sent to the ASM you select on the screening form, and Faculty Affairs will be notified if you receive a denial. 

    • If approved to come to campus: You may be required to show verification of clearance to be on campus. 

    • If not approved to come to campus: Please remain home and you will be contacted by the Covid-19 coordinator, or Faculty Affairs or your college to discuss next steps.