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CSULB Academic Procedural Changes for Spring 2020

  • 1. Transitioned to alternative modes of education

a. Transition from face-to-face to online (or hybrid for summer) education is sanctioned by WSCUC, Department of Education, Disciplinary accreditation bodies, and the Chancellor’s Office. No official notification or approval for change mode of delivery is needed.

b. Academic Continuity website developed as a faculty resource

c. Graduate students are pre-approved to transition from thesis to comprehensive examination in spring 2020 if that option is offered by their Department

d. CPIE has reached out to faculty to encourage online only course development for summer.

  • 2. Incompletes

a. Student requests incomplete via email to faculty, and faculty and student agree on contract.  Faculty initiates online incomplete contract via Class Roster (Faculty Center in PeopleSoft), which generates notification to student if the grade roster has been generated.  Once student acknowledges, contract is viewable by both faculty and student (no signature of department chair or associate dean is needed).

b. Students with previous incompletes that are due to be fulfilled by spring of 2020 will have through fall term to fulfill the terms of their incomplete agreement

c. Any student that could not complete fieldwork, clinical internship, teacher preparation, or service learning courses in Spring 2020 should receive an incomplete. If this was a culminating activity for the student, they will not be required to register for GS 700 or any other course during summer to continue enrollment. They will formally graduate during the spring term as long as requirements are completed by August 7, 2020.

d. Graduate students who are unable to complete a comprehensive examination or who receive incompletes for projects or thesis/dissertation issued in spring 2020 can complete their culminating activity in summer of 2020. They will not be required to register for GS 700 during the summer. They will formally graduate during the spring term as long as their culminating activity requirements are completed by August 7, 2020.

i. For students in 2c. and 2d. above, incomplete (not RP grades) should be issued. If there is not a course associated with the activity (e.g. a comprehensive examination), the advisor must submit a list to Enrollment Services of students along with the requirements that must be completed by August 7, 2020. Once the culminating activity is completed on or before August 7, the graduate advisor must notify enrollment services through the ARS that the requirement is completed.

e. Still TBD – how and when to schedule coursework for incompletes in laboratory, activity, and other courses from Spring 2020.

  • 3. Withdrawals

a. Expedited process by transitioning to uploading withdrawal form generated from student to Enrollment Services email (no signature of faculty or department chair or associate dean is needed).

b. Any withdrawal for spring 2020, as of March 11 will be recorded as a WE, and will not count against the students 18-unit withdrawal total.

c. Students can withdraw through the end of the semester (Friday, May 8th).

d. Students who leave a course without withdrawing will receive a WU. Students can appeal within one year.

  • 4. Grading – students will have the option of choosing CR/NC in lieu of letter grades after grades have been posted. See separate CR/NC procedure documents.
  • 5. GWAR

a. Lift fall 2020 registration holds on 426 students who still need the GPE just got them placed on Friday, 3/6. Ideally, these students will take the GPE in the fall and proceed on their applicable GWAR pathway (GWAR Policy 3.1.2; 3.2.2).  Of these students, those who do not take the GPE in fall 2020 will get a spring 2021 registration hold placed when ES sets them in fall 2020.

b. Add another GPE (at least one, possibly add or expand another) in fall 2020.

c. The 1200 students currently registered for the April GPE can take the GPE in fall 2020 and proceed on their applicable GWAR pathway (GWAR Policy 3.1.2; 3.2.2).   If deemed so by the GWAR office (GWAR office to revisit in fall 2020), these students will get an extra semester to take the GPE and get into their applicable GWAR course pathway.

d. AVP for Undergraduate Studies must designate a limited time frame for these students to take the GPE and GWAR advisors will contact them about that time frame.  We can work on trying to get a list of students who might have taken GPE in June and offer them this same option (although this will be harder to determine).

e. Further, ES will need a list of these students from the Testing office (the students who registered for cancelled GPE who ultimately did not take it by the time comes to set holds again in fall 2020 for spring 2021 registration).  Another option would be to place a GWAR office progress hold on these students.  Either way, they will either get picked up in the next round of no GPE holds, or ES can exclude them from that run if approved by AVP for Undergraduate Studies 

a. Once the student takes the GPE, the timeline to begin and progress through the GWAR pathway for low and mid-range scorers begins (GWAR Policy 3.1.2; 3.2.2).

f. May need to schedule more WI and GWAR portfolio courses in spring 2021 due to backlog of delayed students

g. If deemed appropriate, the GWAR office has access to designate a student exempt from the GWAR by entering the applicable test score in PeopleSoft.

  • 6. Probation

a. Any student who would normally be disqualified as a result of spring 2020 grades will not face disqualification.  Instead, they will be considered under probationary contract status.  They will have until the end of the fall 2020 semester to reach good academic standing.

  • 7. Admissions

a. Immunization requirements for new students have been pushed back to October 1

b. AD ad hoc committee will form to develop innovate and creative outreach methods to increase admitted enrollment yields, and to encourage enrolled students to persist in their studies.

c. Undergraduate Admissions – Need to analyze how CSU CO summary on “COVID-19 Interim Impacts on CSU Undergraduate Admissions Policies and Practices” issued 4-1-20 will affect CSULB admissions policies and practices.

d. Graduate Admission

i. Extended deadline to June 1 for applications for any program that requests it

ii. Waiving the GRE for international applicants and any other domestic applicant that was unable to take the test.

iii. Deferring English Language Proficiency for International students until they arrive in US.

iv. Working with Athletics to facilitate any late graduate applications for current athletes.

  • 8. Graduation Candidate indicator flag is now visible in Class and Grade Rosters for faculty.