Enrollment Services Update - Information for Students

Registration for Fall 2022

For information about registration for certain classes, details on modes of instruction (for example, face-to-face or online), and frequently asked questions, see Registering for Fall 2022.


  • Please see our Forms webpage for information about completing forms online.
  • Most forms are now available to complete online with automatic routing to the correct approvers.

Navigate Mobile App (Beach Connect)

The Navigate Student app lets you access Beach Connect on your phone to stay connected with your advisors, classmates, and other support resources at CSULB. You can download the app today to:

  • Schedule appointments for academic advisement, tutoring, Beach Central (financial aid, graduation, academic appeals), and more 
  • Check for holds and find out how to remove them
  • Get reminders about to-dos and upcoming deadlines
  • Access your class schedule
  • Connect with academic support resources

Download CSULB on Google Play

Ask Elbee Chatbot

Ask Elbee is our new chatbot that helps you get answers to your questions 24/7! Ask Elbee can answer questions about admission, financial aid, scholarships, student records, registration, student accounts, and more. You can find Ask Elbee on all Enrollment Services or Student Financial Services webpages.

Mid-Term Progress Reports

  • To help you monitor your progress and make plans to maintain or improve your academic performance, instructors may submit mid-term progress reports. Since it is optional for instructors to submit mid-term progress reports, you may not have any this term.
  • Mid-term reports do not appear on your transcript and do not affect your GPA. These are for your information only.
  • As soon as a mid-term report is entered for you, you will be able to find it in the Grades section of MyCSULB Student Center. See the Using MyCSULB Student Center guide for instructions.


Contact Information

If you have any questions, you can visit our website to Ask Elbee, our chatbot, and get immediate answers 24/7. If you have specific questions, you may also submit a contact ticket for Records or Financial Aid and Scholarships or make an appointment (virtual or in-person) by joining the queue. We are always happy to help!