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At this time we are involved in six major projects, WAC Fellows, WAC Modules, WAC Alternatives (to the GWAR), and three independent, IRB approved studies delving into the experiences and perceptions of learning to write and writing in school and in the workplace.  As a result, we aren't offering any planned workshops. However, if you or your major or department are intersted in a workshop, please contact me.

What Faculty Say About the Workshops

Writing is a critical component for engineers. We should teach engineering students how to write to publish their work.” –Henry Yeh, 2015 recipient of the Outstanding Professor Award

The workshop helped me turn my minds on and hands on.” –Anonymous

Instead of complaining about students’ writing, now I can use writing to help them learn.” –Anonymous

As a professor in the School of Art I mainly teach studio classes. I was quite nervous delving into the creation of a WI class. The WAC workshop gave me concrete examples, resources and ideas to create an effective WI class. I now feel very comfortable moving forward and very much look forward to my first class this summer.” –Aubry Mintz

Eye opening approaches to making our courses make WI.” –Anonymous

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