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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Vision Statement

The Academic Coaching program views learning as a life-long process. Students, regardless of their perceived capabilities, are able to learn, grow and develop at all stages of their academic career. We support this vision by providing students, staff, and faculty services to enrich, enhance, and facilitate the learning experience.

Academic Coaches can help you:

  • Learn challenging material
  • Manage you time more effectively and efficiently
  • Recognize important information in a textbook or lecture
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Study for and take tests successfully
  • Plan research projects and papers

The Academic Coaching program provides support to the campus community in the following ways:

Individual Appointments

C S U L B Student Success System

Individual appointments are currently available via Zoom. The program will continue to hold appointments virtually for the foreseeable future. If you would like to book an appointment, please schedule via SSC (directions below). When scheduling, select ‘online academic coaching’ as your reason. Please check your e-mail the night before your appointment for the Zoom link to your appointment.

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

  • Individual appointments focus on your specific needs. Appointments last 30 minutes and are free
  • To schedule an appointment: Click the Student Success Collaborative icon above to schedule an appointmnet online.

Workshops for Classes/Organizations​


The following resources were designed to help you develop better study skills. Use them independently or as a supplement to other support resources on campus.  Be sure to follow-up with an Academic Coach in a free one-on-one session if you have questions or plateau in your progress.

To use and type into these forms on your computer you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed
CSULB students can access and download the Adobe Acrobat program and other software for free through the 
CSULB Software Depot

Online Learning Checklist

Finals Preparation & Study Tips


Time Management

Time Management is often at the root of student success, or lack thereof.  Below are some resources aimed at helping you develop a personalized approach to managing your schedule and keeping your priorities in line.

  • Watch this video to learn how to manage your time and develop an effective study routine using the PLRS system.
    • Use this sheet to help you identify study times throughout the week.
    • This week’s focus handout will help you set goals for your week so you can sharpen your focus and stay on track to meeting your goals.
    • Covey’s Matrix is a tool designed to help you prioritize. Watch this video about the Matrix and then use the handout to practice yourself!
    • Here is a short video on Making Time for Applied Learning, aimed at helping transfer and upper division students think about and make time for learning at a deeper level.

Study Strategies

Active Learning and Exam strategies are important aspects of academic performance.  Here are several resources to help you deepen your learning and strategize efficiently for upcoming assessments.

  • Take this assessment to determine your learning style and to get some quick study tips that will help your better retain information.
  • The Active Learning worksheet will help you think through the various levels of learning, preparing your for different types of exam questions. Use it to work through course concepts and study guides or to test your knowledge right before an exam.
  • Many students do not think about post exam strategies but there is much to learn about your study after the exam.  Use this After the Exam handout to think about the test structure and your study approaches, so that you can fine-tune your preparation for the next exam.
  • Preparing for finals can be very stressful. Here are some tips to help you focus your attention and strategize effectively.
  • Use this template to focus your lecture notes around your assignment topics.

Check out this study flow chart for a helpful study pattern to follow:

Study Flow Chart

Quick tips

Check out our study-tip bookmarks.  Just print, clip, and use!

Interesting Articles

Strategies for Online Learning

Study Skills Videos

Learning Skills Videos 



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While we have spent the last week working on our online services protocols, please be patient with us as we continue to work out the kinks. Be patient with yourself too; it is not easy to learn a new way to attend classes and access support services in such a short period of time!