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Mission, Values & Vision


California State University, Long Beach enriches students' lives through globally informed, high impact educational experiences with superior teaching, research, creative activity, and action for the public good. To learn about our Beach 2030 mission, click here.



California State University, Long Beach will be a force for good at the forefront of public education in California and the world.


Teaching-Intensive, Research-Driven University


  • Students have opportunities in their studies to gain a love of ideas, as well as an appreciation of artistic expression, science and technology. They also receive an understanding of varied cultures.
  • Faculty members fully integrate the results of their research and activities into their teaching, which invigorates and enhances student learning.
  • Students receive the advising and mentoring they need to realize their dreams because of the student-centered philosophy of the faculty and staff.
  • Faculty members are widely recognized for their outstanding teaching, research and creative activities.
  • Has the highest average graduation rate and the lowest average time to graduation among the public master's degree-granting universities in the West.
  • Continues to enhance the highly collegial climate that enables broad and deep collaboration in research, creative activities and teaching.
  • Graduates have the necessary skills for successful careers in various fields and disciplines.
  • Is recognized for the rich diversity and accomplishments of its students, which demonstrate that it is both possible and essential to offer broad access to high quality education.

Student Engagement


  • Is widely recognized for its high quality of services, activities and programs for students.
  • Has strong partnerships with faculty, staff, student and community groups so that we may serve as primary advocates to meet the needs of our diverse student population.
  • Embraces a culture that strives for continued quality improvement in our programs and services.
  • Invests in our human and technological resources so that we may optimally respond in a dynamic environment.
  • Makes a positive contribution to the greater society by developing responsible citizens with highly valued degrees for the 21st century.
  • Students graduate as skilled problem-solvers and practitioners of their disciplines through participation in research projects, creative endeavors, community service learning and internships.
  • Is viewed by other universities as a source of best practices in student engagement, instructional innovations, academic technologies, services and institutional effectiveness.
  • Students have the opportunity to enhance his or her educational experience through co-curricular activities that include relationship-building in clubs, cultural activities sponsored by departments and colleges, and international programs and events.

Scholarly and Creative Achievement

  • The expertise and research interests of faculty are recognized and valued nationally and internationally for their advancement of knowledge.
  • Faculty members receive both internal and external support for their research and creative activities.
  • Faculty researchers make significant contributions to resolving community and regional problems and planning for future needs of our region and the nation.
  • Research/technology parks in the Greater Long Beach area include a high proportion of small companies spun off from campus-originated faculty-staff-student research projects.

Community Engagement

  • Faculty, staff and students are intensely involved in community service and partnerships with community agencies and non-profits, schools and local government agencies.
  • One of the fastest growing areas of campus activity is the business and technology "incubator" program, where faculty/staff/student research teams work together to bring ideas developed through external funding into the marketplace.
  • Students have the opportunity and necessary financial support to earn credit toward degree through internships with area companies and community organizations.

Global Perspectives

  • The variety and scope of the University's international curricular offerings are continuously broadened and deepened.
  • Through a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular stratagems, students are exposed to a global perspective and many will develop multi-lingual abilities.
  • Faculty and staff are significantly supported in internationally-related teaching and research.
  • The international strengths of the University are promoted and communicated, both internally and externally.

Services and Support

  • The University is an employer of choice in public higher education.
  • Applies the highest standards in fiduciary and administrative responsibility through personal accountability, fairness and high ethical standards.
  • Ensures the physical environment is safe, accessible, functional and inviting.

University Accreditation

For more information, please visit WSCUC Accreditation.