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Go directly to, select your classes, select your textbooks, compare prices (with the online marketplace), add to cart (whether from the Bookstore or the marketplace)and check out. 

Load Textbooks From MyCSULB
Pre-load your textbooks on by clicking the “My Textbook” link from your MyCSULB Student Center portal. 

Refund Policy
Please visit our Returns Guidelines page for our refund policy.

Physical Options

As a non-profit, the 49er Shops are dedicated to lowering the costs of course materials by acquiring cheaper formats from the traditional new book whenever available. These include sourcing as many used books as possible, working with vendors to make as many titles available as a rental, acquiring cheaper loose-leaf formats, and producing faculty course packs. Some classes may require bundles, which is a set of multiple books or a combination of a physical textbook along with a digital courseware product.

When renting a textbook, you will need to provide a CSULB student ID, as well as a credit card that does not expire before the rental due date. Whether renting in-store or through a web order you will also need to agree to our rental agreement. For information on rental returns, please visit RentalReturns.ShopThe

Digital Options

An e-book is the textbook in a digital format. It is no longer just a plain PDF. With our digital provider, RedShelf, e-books now contain features such as highlighting and notetaking. If available, e-books can be purchased on our website under CSULB RedShelf Digital Bookstore, or students can visit directly.

courseware is an adaptive learning technology product which contains homework, quizzes, and/or tests. Examples of courseware include Connect, LaunchPad, MindTap, Revel, WebAssign, and WileyPlus. Courseware products usually include the e-book. 

Digital items are sold as physical codes or emailed to you by RedShelf, depending on the title and vendor. Digital items will contain the word “DIGITAL” towards the end of the title.

Physical Codes – The author will contain the words “PHYSICAL CODE”. If purchased via web order, these will be either shipped or available for pick up depending on the shipping method you select. If purchased in-store, these will be available at the Front Registers. Access instructions will be provided along with the code 

RedShelf – The author will contain the word “REDSHELF”. If purchased via web order, access instructions will be emailed to you from, when the web order is processed. If purchased in-store, access instructions will be printed on the bottom of the receipt. 

Students can also purchase materials directly from the RedShelf website by visiting 

Day 1 Digital Access (D1DA) is a CSULB program where the required course material is available digitally through BeachBoard at a discounted price. 

Students will receive FREE access to the course materials on the first day of classes and have until the first add/drop deadline without W to OPT OUT. After the opt-out deadline, any student who stays opted in will be charged to their CSULB account allowing more time to pay for the material. 

To find out if your class is enrolled in the D1DA program, please visit your BeachBoard class page or check with your instructor. Any class enrolled in the D1DA program will have a title listed as DAY 1 DIGITAL ACCESS (VISIT BEACHBOARD) on our website. Additionally, you will receive an email from on the first day of classes if any of your classes are enrolled in the D1DA program..

For more information, please visit