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Students and Donors

Our donors make their homes in different states — and countries — but whether they live in Washington, D.C., or just down the street, their presence is felt each and every day on the CSULB campus.  In fact, it is the consistent support of our donors that has helped make CSULB a “University of Choice” for talented students and accomplished faculty.

The role of private support at CSULB cannot be overemphasized.  Thanks to generous donors, CSULB students have access to more financial assistance, better facilities, enhanced academic programs, and expanded service-learning opportunities.  We hope you will visit the campus soon so you can see this impact firsthand.  We also encourage you to become more involved in the life of this great university — whatever form your participation takes, it is sure to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

To start changing lives now, make your gift today!