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Carillon Award

Donor Recognition

Established in 2009, CSULB’s Carillon Award is an honor reserved for donors who have made transformational gifts of $1 million or more to our campus. These gifts are unique, as they provide the momentum that creates and enriches programs and that assures the excellence of a university.


Carillon Award Recipients

Barbara and Raymond Alpert

Phyllis Barrett

Debbie and Glen Bickerstaff

E. James Brotman

Mary and Richard Carpenter

Bob and Regena Cole

Loraine Miller Collins

Janice and Mark Dickson

Elaine Haglund

Audrey and Luster Hauth

Jamie Hobbs

Martha B. Knoebel

Anna W. Ngai

Isabel Patterson

Lynne and Terry Rhodes

Louise Ukleja

Mick Ukleja

Arline and Mike Walter


Beulah J. Ware

Helen Ware

Marilyn Bohl

Barbara and Bob Ellis

Richard D. Green

Donald W. Leonard

Arnold T. Schwab

Danyll and Troy Tulowitzki